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It is not a new thing for a novice or even an experienced writer to look for best content writing hacks to improve their creative expressions.

What prompts them to look for content writing tips?

Well, they want to read writing tips to get educated about how to begin writing a blog/website content writing. And to gain traction and visibility for websites.

Content writing has emerged as a dependable source for gaining steady growth of website traffics in this competitive digital marketing landscape. And it goes without saying that achieving target traffic growth these days is very difficult for a brand. This explains why many website-sponsored businesses suffer anonymity on the web. This ostensibly emphasizes the significance of content writing as a prime catalyst for a business growth on the web.

Are you one of them wanting to know best content writing hacks? Want to improve your writing skill and website traffic? If yes, you are in a right place. This post is going to narrate about useful writing tips.

Please note that these suggestions/tips very much speak of my subjective comprehension as a writer. I have been doing creative content writing over the last seven years. As tends to be the case in this context, some points of my narratives may not agree with your discretion. But then again, every effort was spared to make it an enjoyable and meaningful write-up for you.

Top 5 Content Writing Hacks to Improve Your Writing Skill

Writing Tip #1: Measure the Quotient of Your Language Proficiency

“A language we do not know is a fortress sealed,” – Marcel Proust

To say otherwise – language adds soul to your writing.


Well, I believe that in whatever language you tend to write content, make sure it is really great, up to the mark, or basically, your command on that particular language is impressive. A useful suggestion to newbie Indian content writer, in this regard, is – keep in mind that language skill or your expertise in your chosen language (e.g. Hindi, English, or Tamil etc.) must be good enough so that your creativity can be expressed flawlessly. To say otherwise, in writing, it is very important to put your thoughts across to your target readers.

Poor language skill will only make it harder for your audiences to make out your say fitly. One of the best content writing hacks is understanding the “convincing appeal” of your language you want to use in your creative expressions.

Best Content Writing Hacks: Key Tips To Improve Your (English) Language Efficiency:

  • Improve vocabulary (I have Oxford Learner’s Advanced English Dictionary).
  • Read a good grammar book (I prefer, Wren & Martin’s English Composition & Grammar).
  • Take a quiz competition online, like vocabulary, spelling, grammar etc.
  • Converse in English, the words you cram up must be used conversationally or in writing, or else they will fade into nothingness.
  • Join a reputable English coaching institute, if self-practice doesn’t help.
  • You are not supposed to speak or write in English similar to native English speaking writers, but at least ensure that your language grasp is up to the mark, so that you can convey yourself easily and better.

Writing Tip #2: Don’t Read Too Much About Content Writing Tips, Just Do It!

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway

When I say I have been writing over the last seven years nonstop, I simply wish to convey or imply that I do this without reading writing tips or suggestions of experts claiming their efficiency all over the Internet today. When I started writing for a commercial purpose, perhaps those were the times when content writing in India was not in the widespread spotlight as it is today.

What I believed back then was nothing but to write, write, and write! Fact is, as per my belief, reading too much writing tips will only confuse, fluster or push you into a state of bewilderment. Everyone will tell you to do this or do that to improve your writing skill. However, do not cling to them forever. Just do writing with whatever useful guidelines or ideas you have in possession. For novice writers, practice is better than reading too much writing tips which spoonfeed you or try to convince you what to do with your creative expressions.

Brief Suggestions:

  • Avoid reading too much writing tips.
  • Stay organized, schedule time for writing and stick to it.
  • Never leave writing half-done.
  • Never start writing half-heartedly.
  • Pour yourself 100% to writing, as it demands commitment, fidelity.
  • Reading tips about content writing helps but the practical application of the same is what yields a result.

Writing Tip #3: Never Write For FACELESS Audiences!

“Everyone is not your customer,” – Seth Godin

I always make myself loud and clear about this – avoid faceless audiences!

Who are they?

Well, faceless audiences/readers are those people you have not prioritized as your REAL or targeted audiences. It means you just start writing without thinking who will read your stuff and what quality substance will it bring to their lives. One of the most important tips about how to write high-quality content is to understand want/desire of your prospective audiences.

Content covering at length the status of Artificial intelligence in future does not sound relevant to the readers looking for something that greatly talks about the difference between Donald Trump and Barack Obama as a political leader for the USA. Similarly, this piece of writing may not sound relevant and useful for the readers who want something on the topic of global warming or the fate of Indian politics under the governance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Brief Suggestions:

  • Think whom you write for.
  • Will, what you are going to write, be effective and useful for your target readers/audiences?
  • The substance is more important than quantity of words of your write-up. Give your readers a reason to read your stuff.

Writing Tip #3: Follow Brevity. It is the Soul of Writing

“The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do.” ― Thomas Jefferson

Brevity is one of the most important things one has to follow when it comes to writing content for your blog, website or for anything. The benefit of keeping your stuff brief and to the point transcends relevancy and authenticity of your writing. In this mobile technology era when content is now accessed by countless smartphone-users, writing short sentences is one of the smartest moves you must embrace in writing content.

You may not believe it – but the fact of the matter is that – majority of your targeted readers do not read all of your content! Shocking, but it is true. Even Google doesn’t read quality content that you have written by pouring labor-intensive works that go down to brainstorming ideas and generating content. Ensuring that your manuscript is written in systematic sequence without bloating the information is one of the best content writing hacks one must follow.

Brief suggestion:

  • Write short sentences, preferably between 10-15 words length.
  • Be to the point in your say.
  • Do not write waffle.
  • Brevity doesn’t mean irrelevance; include substance in your craft.

Writing Tip #4: Be Informative. Quality Trumps Relevancy

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing,” – Benjamin Franklin

Anything you write, make sure it includes as much substance for your readers as much you could. It doesn’t mean to imply that you should become obsessed with the quality but at least it is befitting of every good writer to make sure that his/her readers are entertained through every word of their content. What will be the use of this content, for example, for readers, if it is devoid of quality? Nothing!

Content that is not qualitative is one of the biggest reasons behind increasing the bounce rate of your website traffic. Poor quality content is the reason you are not driving quality backlinks, neither the applause nor subscribers on your blog site. You may feel to know the meaning of QUALITY here, right? Well, it is nothing to be confused about writing a bloated piece of writing. It simply means writing something that aims to educate your readers.

If somebody who visits your website and find that the reason of his visitation is not greatly rewarded in terms of useful and educative content on your website, then no persuasion of whatsoever flattery could bring them back to your site, again! Therefore, one of the best content writing hacks is to make sure that what you write is informative for your target readers.

Brief suggestion:

  • Write content that talks of substance, not beat around the bush.
  • Ad quality references, links, and sources in your content.
  • Do research work, mine good ideas.
  • Include relevant images in your post.
  • Avoid grammatical mistakes.

Writing Tip #5: Proofread Your Craft

“You can secure the quality of your blog by proofreading each post twice prior to publishing it” — Andrew Johansen

To simplify, proofreading guards you from being at the receiving end of criticism due to certain grammatical pet peeves you may have added in your craft, unintentionally. When you proofread you spot mistakes which would have embarrassed you on social media, as many readers these days are very pedantic on grammatical mistakes or incorrect syntax.

Best Content Writing Hacks: Brief Suggestions:

  • Write your manuscript as long as you think you can without compromising on quality.
  • Do not proofread the manuscript immediately. Hold it for another day.
  • Next day, proofread your manuscript carefully.
  • Spot any embarrassing mistakes, be it grammatical, syntax-related, Subject-Verb-Agreement etc.
  • Proofread aloud to figure out points not dovetailing with the content.
  • Prune words/sentences which are superfluous or confusing.
  • Do not proofread your craft right after you have done it. Do it at leisure time or later.

Other Useful Tips (about Reading and Writing):

“If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot,” – Stephen King

Reading is one of the best content writing hacks one must follow. To say otherwise, if you want to better your writing skill, reading will add values and power to it. It sharpens your creative compass, helps you think creatively and differently, and you get to learn the craft of writing that is downright unique.

If you think that afore-said best content writing hacks contrast to the one stated in tip number 02, just note the difference of my say. My first say advises you not to read so many tips related to writing as they will only cloud your mind or deter you from writing, considering the more you read them, the more difficult writing will sound to you. In my second say, I simply suggest that reading quality materials or information (not writing tips) on different genres or subjects will boost your creative power, enabling you to think rationally. Sadly most writers underestimate the power of reading.

After reading, you should write a lot – if you are serious to improve your creative content writing skill. The importance of writing a lot is that it delivers the same kind of powerful effects on your creativity compass like the reading does to it. Knowledge about the subject of your writing improves, thus allowing you to get a good grasp of the subject to write better.

For example, many basic details about Artificial Intelligence or SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION or VIRTUAL REALITY I learned out of writing about them a lot of time.

When you tend to write about something, there kicks-in this automatic impulse of reading a lot about that particular subject as a preliminary step to write a good content. And by the time you are done the reading, you get enough ideas about the subject and so can write about it easily.
Reading and writing both reciprocate each other. They are like the couple depending on each other to complement their marital life. To sum up, one of the best content writing hacks is to read and write, as both afford excellence in your lexical craft.

Another useful tip about how to improve your content writing skill, especially in terms of driving traffic to your website – learn basic details of SEO – selection of most quality keywords relevant to your topical content, adequate placement of the chosen keywords, doing Off-Page SEO tricks, such as – internal linking of a new blog post to previously published one on your website, add share buttons on blog, share published content on social media platforms, micro-blog your content, join quality forums and related groups on social media platforms for inbound traffic to your site etc.

That’s it.

Let me tell you that this is just a brief piece regarding the best content writing hacks to improve your writing skill or how to begin writing your blog or website content. I am sure that these brief pieces of advice will enlighten you about writing and key things you need to focus on the process. I would love to hear from you about this piece of writing. Leave your comment in the comment box below.

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