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Read My Content was founded in 2018 by writer Pawan Kumar Jha. It is a content writing website in a digital space. The writing on this website generally covers Digital Marketing and Technology, as well as Lifestyle. Besides, other topical content published here is the externalization of the creative expressions of Pawan, who’s holding 12+ years of experience in creative content writing.

Pawan Kumar Jha: Funder of Read My Content

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I am a web writer, SEO content writer, blogger, content developer, and content strategist. I have been writing since 2010.

I help brands improve traffic counts on their websites. With good content, I help them to communicate their brand’s objectives to their target prospects. I improve their presence in search engines and on the web.

Besides content writing, I am fairly aware of off-page SEO as well. I write for search engine optimization, I write blogs, I write website content, I write articles, and I write a press release

I blog about random subjects. I am one of the top contributors to HubPages and Ezine Directories in an endeavor to establish my presence as an expert web writer.

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