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About RMC

Read My Content (RMC) was founded by writer Pawan Kumar Jha in 2018.

The purpose was to externalize my experiential insights through my creative expressions as a writer.

With writing over the last 8 years and to date, the acquired taste of my expertise as a writer now comes to its fruition with the creation of Read My Content.

I was smitten with the idea of having my own website. I found it necessary to have exposure to worldwide audiences. My domain is now the fulfillment of that vision, to serve the readers with the best content to read and get enlightened and establish my identity as a great writer trusted for writing quality content.

I wanted my domain to be the spokesperson of my creative expressions. I wanted to convey through my writing the readable and educative ideas that my beloved readers would find helpful for their education-quest.

However, writing for everyone is writing for NONE!

Therefore, whatever I publish on this platform will have its “already prioritized readers”, not the faceless ones.

But it does mean to imply that Read My Content is a gateway to but selected few visitors. In fact, everyone is welcome to enjoy reading my posts so long my posts serve your purpose of visiting here. After all, what’s the use of writing if none reads?

You may be tempted to ask –

“Pawan, if your website is live since 2018, how come it has just two posts?”

Well, it’s a long story but let me tell you in brief –

When I created Read My Content in 2018, I had no idea about the technicality behind its creation. Some YouTube videos did help me but later I was realized most of them did not talk at length about the problems that a novice blogger like me would encounter subsequent to creating a blog website.

For example, SSL certificate.

I learned about it after seven months of my website when suddenly Google blacklisted my website. It cited that some contents on my website were malware, thus implying that the domain was compromised by third-party access. In that case, as per Google’s interpretation, my domain was serving the vile intent of the intruder.

But the implication of the warning of Google was that my website lacked an SSL certificate. It was mandatory to have in everyone’s site, lest the search engine would term such property without SSL credential, unsafe for visitors.

Therefore, I had to delete all my contents and recreated WordPress managed blog site, to avoid Google’s penalization. Bingo! Google lifted the “blacklisted” message to my website.

However, there was still an icon in the address bar of my Chrome browser notifying that my website was unsafe to visit.

The controversial notification of Google was permanently lifted up when I purchased another hosting service provider (It was GoDaddy previously).

This new hosting company provided me SSL certificate and many cool features, giving me confidence that whatever I post on my blog will not draw Google’s penalization like the one I received in the past.

That’s it.

More posts will come as long as I find some interesting topics.

Read my content and share your valuable feedback. I want to make my website to be more useful for my readers. Your feedback will be a great contribution to helping me fulfill my vision.