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Apple Launches “Netflix-killer” Apple TV Plus App

Apple launched its premium Apple TV Plus app in a star-studded inaugural event.

California-based American multinational technology company Apple Inc. has unveiled a new era in the entertainment world by releasing its brainchild and a full-scale media platform called Apple TV+ app that is also said to be the revamped version of its existing product, Apple TV, declared by an official announcement made at the Steve Jobs Theater on Apple’s campus in California.

What is the Apple TV Plus App?

  • It’s a subscription service featuring Apple only exclusive, and a brand new slate of original shows, movies and documentaries, a notable feature putting its competitors like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and others under the bottom of food chains.
  • Apple TV Plus app is not a different, standalone application. Original, serialized and film content can be accessed using Apple TV app, Macs, and iPhones.
  • As per the announcement by Apple, Apple TV+ will be an add-free and paid subscription service featuring downloadable Apple-exclusive media content for the users.
  • Users can access TV shows and movies from Apple’s partners like HBO on the Apple TV app. The catch is – there will be no interruption from a third-party video service provider while watching Apple original content.
  • In a star-studded ceremonial event comprising of famous creative artists, including Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, and Jennifer Aniston, it was revealed that Apple TV+ will enable users to experience the exclusive way to watch channels from over 25 different networks and streaming services, including the giant ones like CBS All Access and Hulu.
  • Subscribers will be able to watch compelling stories enlivened by emotional pitch and powerful characters representing all walks of life, using Apple TV app.  
  • Plan to launch subscription service in over 100 countries is underway, as per the Apple’s announcement.

What Apple TV+ is not to be confused with

  • It is not like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Unlike these platforms, media content on Apple TV Plus WILL NOT INCLUDE mixed originals and licensed programs, rather Apple’s own original programs. Means, not plenty of stuff to scroll through.
  • It is not available on android or Windows OS. No announcement was made by Apple if Apple TV Plus is to be made available for these platforms.
  • No browser-supported streaming. Apple made no indication if Apple TV+ programs can be streamed using desktop browsers like Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.

What is the cost of subscription for Apple TV+?

This is still to be clarified by Apple. No announcement about monthly cost for subscription or whether users can bundle it with other services offered by Apple at an affordable price.

Something about Apple TV app

Launched on October 2016, Apple TV app was one point access to multiple TV shows and movies from different apps on Apple TV, iPhone and iPad. It enables users discover new content to watch, apart from surfing TV shows and movies on this platform.

Touted as modernized TV guide, Apple TV app helps users watch recommended shows with “Watch Now” tab personalizing their TV-viewing experience from different video subscription apps.

It is not a platform with congregation of streaming platforms to watch your favorite shows and movies without being redirected to the main streaming platform.

For instance, if you select “Game of Thrones” on HBO using Apple TV app and hit “Play” button to watch the show, you will not watch it on Apple TV app. Rather you will be asked to visit HBO to enjoy watching the “selected” show.

Important note – Apple TV app is free to use, except the premium content.

Where can I watch Apple TV app?

The company has made Apple TV app available on Apple TV set-top boxes, iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, and is said to make an inroad to Mac this fall.  It will be added to leading TV-making brands like Samsung, Vizio, Sony, LG, and others. There is also possibility that the app will find its place in Roku and Amazon’s Fire TV devices in future.

The launching of Apple TV+ included cavalcade of eminent celebrities of Hollywood previewing “To be produced by Apple” shows that will cost the company the production budget of nearly $1 billion.

Termed as a game changing move by Apple, the Apple TV+ is said to disrupt media content streaming giants like Netflix,Amazon, and Hulu.

However it also goes without saying that today’s video-streaming market has competition reaching on saturation level for any brand to gain competitive edge. With consumers already having made their choice about which channel to watch and which one to ditch out – the scenario apparently presents a tough deal to break, which is something Apple executives have acquiesced to at the Steve Jobs Theater.

Disclaimer – Absolute accuracy of the information is not guaranteed due to Apple having not confirmed much of the details. The information presented here has been sourced from different web platforms representing facts about Apple TV+ in their subjective narratives.

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