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cryptocurrency explanation

Cryptocurrency, A Beginner’s Guide to Digital Money

Cryptocurrency or digital money is no longer an anonymous name in the world of technology, given its gradual circulation worldwide, in spite of some concerns around its acceptability in legal tender in all the countries.

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threat intelligence image

Threat Intelligence and Its Profound Importance for Organizations

Threat intelligence is construed as a technology of novelty, something deemed an efficient tool to detect, analyze, and neutralize security threats. The mere presence of it reinforces a security system against potential vulnerabilities, thus assisting an organization’s data security teams to act proactively to identify security risks and eliminate threats. The imperativeness of this technology …

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drug discovery using AI

The Role Of Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning In Drug Discovery

The application of AI and ML in drug discovery is said to deliver far-reaching effects in a manner, such as the healthcare industry will witness a dimensional scale of drug discovery, thus outweighing the performance of defunct mechanism applied for the same purpose.

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