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Content Writing – What Drives Traffic Can Also Factor Bounce Rates

Content writing helps your website drive immeasurable traffic counts. Depending on the quality of information you have paired in the content, the boosted engagement of the targeted traffic and its extended retention brought forth by the content writing would be the delightful upshot for your website.

However, the same content writing that brings forth traffic counts to your website can also result in a major bounce rate of your virtual platform.

In search engine optimization, a bounce rate is touted as one of the most detrimental factors leading to subverting the credibility of your website in a way that if the damage done by it is not checked in proactively, it would lead to serious issues to the victim website, such as –

  • Google search engine will treat your website as a storehouse of useless content.
  • It will drastically plummet the commercial values of your online property (website).
  • An intractable bounce rate scaling over 70% would result in massive disrepute of your site.

While several reasons can attribute to the augmentation of the bounce rate for a website, the one related to bad content or substandard content is one of them.

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The reason behind this is that if the content is not sufficient enough to educate your readers or it doesn’t provide effective guidance to your target audience on a certain subject matter, it contributes to augmenting the bounce rate.

Content Writing and Bounce Rate

It has largely been argued that bad content turns off the mood of readers, thus prompting them to swiftly move to another website or do anything but to stay online on your website.

The catch here is the content for which you work hard to make it more meaningful and informative is the same reason for factoring bounce rates of your website. And this happens when you forget to include sufficient inputs or useful information intended to guide your readers. Therefore, what content drives your traffic to your website can be the same factor in increasing its bounce rate, depending on the reaction of your target traffic.

In my ten years of content writing experience, my subjective understanding of writing says that nobody is a bad content writer or nobody wants to write content badly. It’s possibly a lack of ideas or knowledge that most of them end up writing bad content that augments bounce rates.

If you just know the drift of writing and how to avoid the dregs out of valuable inputs, you will end up writing smart and cogent content that would educate your target traffic and will help your website build up great retentions, thus factoring in less bounce rate.

Writing good content depends on a lot of factors. If you write content, you pretty much know or guess what I mean here. I am not going to tell you how to write content or share content writing tips for you, as I understand this is not the topic I have started with.

The motive here is to tell you that bad content not only freaks out the mood of your readers but can also be a detrimental factor for your website’s bounce rate. Since the data of bounce rate is not visible to the audience but it is a slow poison to the health of any website if the permissible limit of bounce rate overflows.

As I have told you, various reasons grounds for an ugly bounce rate of a website, and bad content writing is one of them. Everyone knows that content is king, but perhaps most of them don’t understand that even a king needs eloquence, presentability, and knowledge to sound like a real king worth ruling.

That’s the attribute of your content; it should be eloquent, presentable, and knowledgeable for your audiences. If your content embodies all these elements, it would delight your target audiences, make them feel enlightened, and lead to better retention of the concentrated traffic on your website.

Without powerful and convincingly attractive content, you can’t build up notable engagement and retention on your website. No matter how attractive your website looks from its graphical ornaments, if it is not decked with beautiful content, it is useless.


Content writing serves various purposes for a website, including driving traffic for it. However, the same content for which you labored hard to write for the purpose of driving considerable traffic to your website could be the reason behind its downfall as well.

Among many reasons calling for this nemesis, bad content is one of them. In fact, bad content trumps all the factors in this context.

If you don’t provide enough knowledge that may help your target traffic to get educated, you will not make your virtual platform a source of quality knowledge for subjects you claim to be a specialist.

Besides, the content driving traffic on your website can, as I have pointed out earlier, bring down its credibility with terrible bounce rates.

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