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Mind Drainage Technique for Powerful Positive Thoughts

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A mind that is saturated with negative thoughts is a hell-house of destructive emotions, says Norman Vincent Peale in his best-selling book – THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING.

To his experiential insight, unless negative thoughts are drained off, a mind fails to work accommodating constructive approach of handling a situation that a person faces in his day to day life.

This is because of the reason that for a mind, if terribly upset by the negative thoughts saturated in its subconscious realm, feels clogged and so, it becomes unable to have a room for positive thoughts.

Moreover, such “saturated” negative thoughts give birth to fear thoughts which essentially are counterproductive for an individual, because, with a mind damaged by apprehensive thoughts, a person will feel condemned to fearfulness and consequently he will react to his circumstances timidly.

In due course of time, the likelihood of getting petrified will be a normal occurrence in the life of that person, thus explaining the necessity of draining the mind off such subversive thinking pattern (negativity).

Norman says,

The process of mind drainage is vital in overcoming worry, for fear thoughts, unless drained off, can clog the mind and impede the flow of mental and spiritual power.

I tend to welcome the spiritual power of the above statement for its ability to contain a thought-provoking and life-transformative lesson – that fear thoughts indeed foster impediment, a factor causative of preventing the mental energy from flowing naturally, and thereafter it spells blockage of your thought process that is, in fact, the survival point of your individuality.

Effects of fear thoughts

Fear thoughts can weaken your ability to sublimate/channelize your real emotions to their realistic manifestations. As a result, it will be of debilitating effect on your personality in terms of clogging your mind from expressing yourself truly.

Many a great opportunity people lost due to the fact that when they were just close to the opportunity, they did not appreciate it or grab it just because the fear thoughts made them skeptical whether they deserve such an opportunity. As it tends to be the case, the opportunity treated thus gets lost forever. 

Fear thoughts are the virus that renders cancerous effect on your mentality undermining it to a point of cognitive subversion. So to say – when you inject fearfulness to your mind and nurture the thought for longer, it subconsciously becomes the confirmed message to your mind, which then results in the outcome as thought upon during its infantry mental stage.

Necessity of mind drainage technique

The need to adopt the mind drainage technique arises out of the fact that one can no longer survive much with the mind riddled with thoughts which are destructive in nature.

Experts believe that such mental destructive emotions erode the lifespan of an individual, considering enormous negative thoughts that happen because the thinker kept on nurturing them subconsciously in his mind – clog the nerves responsible for positive energy flow and thus factor the emission of certain substances potentially harmful for internal organs of the body, particularly heart and thinking faculty of the mind.

A team of researchers in San Diego found in their medical examination on the death records of Chinese-Americans that they survived shorter lifespan compared to their white American counterparts because of their inclination toward negative beliefs.

Mr. Norman believed that too much negative thoughts lead to formation of rheumatic arthritis in the person thinking negatively.

In addition, chronic stress created by consistent negative thought and hopelessness can give birth to hormone imbalance, depletion in the happiness-producing chemicals of the brain, and put the immune system of your body in a harm’s way.

It is scientifically now clear that the end caps of our DNA strands known as Telomeres cannot survive longer due to the fact that overstress harms its lifespan pretty seriously.

The mind drainage technique is necessary, because –

  • Gives a potential boost to the lifespan of your mind.
  • Depletes the rate of depression.
  • Powers up your mind to accommodate positive thoughts.
  • Increases coping mechanism for the mind to enable you handle difficult times.

When you drain negative energy off your mind, you enable it to be more accommodating to receiving positive thoughts, considering you clogged it in the first place with negative energy which thus prevented the flow of positive energy in the mind.

For you to be able to cast aside negative emotions, try saying your mind a positive word about everything. If you do so for a while, the action draws the law of positive effects and conditions your mind positively.

Our mind is like an engine that needs lubricants of positive thoughts to run smoothly and fast, just in the case of a car engine needing best oil to work better.

Mind drainage technique enables you to clean your mind so that it gets adequate energy to deliver you more power into conditioning your mind with positive mental attitude.

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