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Mind Drainage Technique for Powerful Positive Thoughts

Mind drainage technique is all about cleansing your mind off negative or destructive thoughts. Once done appropriately through some recommended practices, like meditation or attending certain mind-training sessions, a person could achieve happy and blissful living in his/her life.

Now, let’s discuss why the mind drainage technique is important for preventing yourself from being confined to fear/negative thoughts.

A mind, that is saturated with negative thoughts, is a hell-house of destructive emotions, says Norman Vincent Peale in his best-selling book – THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING.

Believe me, the book is an impressive narrative of how you can positively finetune your mind. It lays out the experiential insight of Mr. Paele. Words of this book are golden nuggets you can maximize into your own spiritual refinement.

According to his own experiential insight, a mind nestling negative thoughts is detrimental. It would fail you to think constructively.

He says any constructive approach you take to make your life happy will not work. Because a negatively-influenced mind begets subversive thoughts. These thoughts undermine your spirit of working toward a positive goal in your life.

The destructive outcomes you eventually witness in your life are nothing but the by-products of those subversive thoughts.

When the subconscious mind is replete with enormous negative thoughts, it blocks the inflow of positive thoughts. It seems like the mind becomes clogged. This is like your mind disconnected from constructive thoughts.

The saturated negative thoughts of your mind turn you fearful. This is because such thoughts give birth to fear thoughts. They are counterproductive to provide your mind placidity.

Even a semblance of hopeful positivism seems going away.

A mind damaged by apprehensive thoughts leads a person to fearfulness of living. He is condemned to hopeless living. And this becomes possible because of a negatively-charged mind. A consequence of reacting to any circumstances fearfully becomes the fate of the fearful.

In due course of mind, the fear-confined mind would make the victim fear-stricken for the rest of his life. His reaction to normal circumstances would be meek. He would, over time, transform himself into a submissive conduct. His fearful mind would compel him to become so.

This is why draining the mind off negative thinking is highly imperative. If you want to be fearless, confident, and successful, win over your intractable negative thoughts.

And draining the mind off negativity is one of the most effective techniques, in this context.

Norman says,

The process of mind drainage is vital in overcoming worry, for fear thoughts, unless drained off, can clog the mind and impede the flow of mental and spiritual power.

I tend to welcome the spiritual quotient of the above statement for its ability to contain a thought-provoking and life-transforming lesson, that we must obliterate fear thoughts. They impede the progress of our success that we want to bring in to our lives.

A negatively charged mind is causative of preventing the mental energy from flowing naturally inward. As a result, it infects your cognitive process from thinking negatively to positively. If this cognitive thinking cycle continues unabated, it undermines the survival point of your individuality.

That said, it molds your personality from influential to depressive.

Effects Of Fear Thoughts

Fear thoughts are cankerous. They weaken your ability to turn your emotions into their realistic manifestations. As a result, the side effect of having an inexpressive personality becomes your fate. Your mind, clogged by fear thoughts, makes you resigned to unseen yet lingering fear.

This is the phase where the cognitive development cripples your creativity thinking. You lose the ability to take risk. It’s like showing unquestionable obedience to the thought forbidding you to take the plunge in anything in your life.

Many a great opportunity people lost because when they were just close to the opportunity, they did not appreciate it or grab it. This happened because of a fear-gripped mindset.

And this mindset convinced them against the positivism of the opportunity. Their fear thoughts made them skeptical about whether they deserved to honor such an opportunity. As it tends to be the case, the victim of the fear thoughts lets the opportunity slip away.

And it is a universal axiom – an opportunity waits for none.

Fear thoughts are the virus that renders cancerous effects on your mentality. When this happens, your ability to think rationally weakens. In fact, it undermines your thinking pattern to the point of cognitive subversion. In other words, this is a mental suicide.

When you inject fearful thoughts to your mind and nurture them for longer; intentionally or otherwise, it subconsciously becomes the “confirmed message” for your mind to act upon them.

Therefore, whatever upshot you experience in your life is the realistic manifestation of the thoughts you nurtured in your mind. It may sound a hypothetically conjured case scenario, but it’s a psychologically proven fact.

What you think, you become.

Why Do We Need The Mind Drainage Technique?

The need to adopt the mind drainage technique arises out of the fact that it is one’s survival ticket. Life becomes very difficult for the person having a mind riddled with thoughts, which are destructive in nature.

Our thoughts control our behavior. If we have good thoughts, good results will happen, and vice versa. Positive thoughts shape in us good conduct.

Have you seen a sane-minded guy being rude to anyone?

This is because such guys respect themselves because of their sane thoughts. And one can respect others truly if one can respect oneself truly. Having a sane thought turns one’s character respectable.

For example, Gandhi led the world’s biggest freedom fight with civic cooperation. He chose non-violence, the strongest-ever weapon against the tyranny of the English. And he did it. He made India free.

A man with no robust physique uprooted the mighty reign of the English.

How did he accomplish such an impossible feat?

While many reasons can be given in support of the above question, I think it was all due to his indomitable mind. A mind refusing to let the negativity rent space in there. A mind too impregnable against the opinions of naysayers. A mind hell-bent on fulfilling the goal it long nourished for the motherland – her freedom!

To conclude, Gandhi had a mind abound with but fearless, positive thoughts.

Experts believe that a fear-ingrained mind is the result of negative thoughts being nurtured subconsciously by the thinker, for a long. As a result, such a mind clogs the nerves responsible for positive energy inflow into it.

Consequently, it results in the emission of certain substances potentially harmful to internal organs of the body, particularly the heart and thinking faculty of the mind.

A team of researchers in San Diego found in their medical examination of the death records of Chinese Americans, that they survived shorter lifespans compared to their white American counterparts. The analysis attributed negative beliefs held by the Chinese-Americans to their short-term demise.

Mr. Norman believed that too much of negative thoughts lead to the formation of rheumatic arthritis in the person thinking negatively.

In addition, chronic stress created by consistent negative thoughts and hopelessness can give birth to hormone imbalance, depletion in the happiness-producing chemicals of the brain, and puts the immune system of your body in harm’s way.

Science says that the end caps of our DNA strands known as Telomeres cannot survive longer, as over-stress harms its lifespan seriously.

The mind drainage technique is necessary because it –

  • Gives a potential boost to the lifespan of your mind.
  • Depletes the rate of depression.
  • Powers up your mind to accommodate positive thoughts.
  • Increases coping mechanism for the mind to enable you to handle difficult times.

When you drain negative energy off your mind, you enable it to be more accommodating to receiving positive thoughts. It is like unclogging your negatively-filled mind to let the positive energy flows inward.

Have you seen a drain blocked by garbage? You see it immobilizes the drain water, giving birth to repulsive odor around the neighborhood. The same happens with your mind when negative/fear thoughts block it from receiving positive energy.

As a result, the negatively-influenced mind becomes the factor of subversive behavior that you adopt, without realizing what makes you a bad person.


For you to be able to cast aside negative emotions, try saying your mind a positive word about everything. If you do so for a while, the action brings forth positive effects and it conditions your mind positively.

Our mind is like an engine that needs lubricants of positive thoughts to run smoothly and fast, just like a car engine dependent on best quality oil to work better.

Wrapping It Up

Mind drainage technique cleanses your mind from subversive negative thoughts. It enables your mind get adequate positive energy to make your life better, fearlessly blissful.

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