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The Invincible Statesman

narendra modi

First, they will hate you; rate you, mock you, abuse you, and then you win.

Who would have thought that Narendra Modi will virtually obliterate the existence of Indian National Congress from all over India, with at least 17 States in which Congress was not being able to win even a single seat!

That is undoubtedly an unparalleled occurrence, enormity of which is set to remain deeply ingrained in the minds of every Congress leader and those supporters of this party who vehemently and quite vociferously blabber-mouthed Modi, called him by name and did a terrible act of mud-slinging to a point of detestation, so much so that the civility of electoral system of this world’s biggest democratic nation was on the brink of going for a toss.

In a fit of tarnishing the image of Modi, shameless propagandas were orchestrated by leaders of opposition parties, with every politician on the side of condemning PM Modi was under the impression of doing their best to taint the perception of brand Modi by whatsoever means feasible.

Agreed that some mud-slinging acts were also the part of certain BJP leaders but they did not lose the civility of the constitutional pattern of canvassing and tried, within the constitutionally-permitted decorum, to speak their mind while defending the Modi-led government and counter-attacking the jibes of Congress leaders.

Some may question the statement of Pragya Thakur who condemned a martyr and cursed the deceased with vile slurs but considering the gravity of mental trauma she went through during her imprisonment, a turn of event that she loudly claims to be the handiwork of Congress party, it is advisable for everyone to see his statement from the standpoint of her experiential torture that was harrowing and gave her nightmarish life to live.

Anyway, the political civility should have been maintained considering you are running an MP election for the party who awarded you a ticket to fight for the nation’s poverty and make it a developed place.

My point is if we compare the condemnation voiced by some BJP leaders while contesting general election of 2019, the kind of insult and effrontery that PM Modi had to go through is relatively less severe. Though I agree that may be a debatable issue.

The critiques seemed to have forgotten all manners of what should be spoken to a person gracing the portfolio of Prime Ministry of our beloved nation and blurted out their nonsensical and vituperative slurs in their wishful thinking of being able to convince the public that they are the champion of liberating the country from the clutch of dictator, a claim that was tagged to Narendra Modi and his government by the opposition party leaders oftentimes.

However, the Indian Prime Minister of Modi, shattered all accusations and vile aspersions thrown at him by people and many leaders of Grand Alliance by simply demonstrating his ability for which he is always famous – eloquence!

With the victory of 2019 general election, there is no doubt in saying that Modi is world’s most popular and powerful leader, as well as a charismatic leader who alone fought world’s biggest electoral battled and emerged triumphant by beating the Grand Alliance in their own game and giving them the taste of their own medicines.

With the result declaring Modi the winner of the election 2019, this realization dawns on me – truth may have many enemies but it alone can subdue on all of them eventually – and Mr. Modi now in a position to savor the taste of victory, one can safely say that he is the man epitomizing that adage.

When you believe in your dream and have a burning desire to materialize your dream through best efforts, none force in the universe can ever prevent you from realizing that dream of yours and eventually you end up winning.

According to my subjective experience, I tend to declare Modi an invincible leader as he is far ahead against the narrow-minded attitudes of people who are typically obsessed with their own baseless paranoia and so tend to either abuse the person on the side of development with accusations which are either designed to woo the ignorant public into disfavoring Modi or to galvanize an emotional response to their favor.

Unfortunately, for them, neither aim materialized into their favor, considering the fact that today’s public (on a large scale) are not ignorant in the way that these leaders believe. In fact, with the internet access to every smartphone of a common man in India today, everyone is learned enough to discern what you are talking with a certain ulterior motive that is surely representing your vested-interest of side-corning a man who is fighting the country’s menaces like corruptions and scams so that one day India will be a better place to live.

Modi is invincible, for he has very much become successful in convincing the people of India that he is the ultimate hope of the country and an irreplaceable leader everyone wants to see spearheading the nation on a global stage, bravely, fearlessly but also with a creative touch of civility.

Jai Hind!

Note – Opinions expressed are solely the writer’s personal viewpoints.

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