Q* (Q-star) AI

What Is Q* (Q-star) AI?- OpenAI’s (Hypothetical) Project Of Artificial General Intelligence

It’s quite a chilling experience to know how fast artificial intelligence is evolving. From one unique transformation to another sophisticated version, AI is leaving the world in total dilemma, like what’s next if there’s nothing left to explore?

In this context, I want to talk about Q* (Q-star) AI, which is said to be a next-gen breakthrough of OpenAI, a company that is already in the limelight for its breakthrough AI innovation, called ChatGPT.

What is Q* (Q-star) AI? Why does everyone talk about this?

Q* (Q-star) AI is a rumored innovation, a brainchild of OpenAI dedicated to the logical and mathematical application of artificial intelligence. Touted as a super-advanced artificial general intelligence, Q* is believed to be a clandestine project of OpenAI.

According to how experts see this AI algorithm, it can solve mathematical problems to the grade-school level math prompts. That’s perhaps one of the reasons it is believed to be a breakthrough innovation of OpenAI toward achieving the coveted technological milestone known as Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

How did we come to know about Q* (Q-star) AI?

According to what has surfaced so far on different media outlets and social platforms, the name Q-star AI first emerged in the aftermath of the abrupt dismissal of OpenAI CEO, Sam Altman. The guy, often hailed as the pioneering force behind the emergence of the AI revolution, faced an inglorious departure from the company he served diligently and honestly. He is the brain behind bringing the company to the limelight after the launch of its disruptive product, ChatGPT.

However, the company’s board members returned the favor by sacking him based on the reason that Sam had not been entirely candid regarding his opinions on AI security.

Ironically, what the board members thought about the dismissal of Sam as a normal corporate procedure consequently proved an albatross around their neck. To state otherwise, it backfired. The fallout of his termination from the post of CEO didn’t go down well among the employees, resulting in massive outbursts from them.

As reported, nearly 90% of employees at OpenAI threatened to quit the company unless the CEO was reinstated.

Sam’s replacements, including Mira Murati (as an interim CEO), couldn’t pacify the imploding situation that the company was going through. At last, Sam was rehired as the CEO, much to the world’s surprise, but to the sheer pleasure of OpenAI’s employees.

Why does the dismissal of Sam Altman have anything to do with Q* (Q-star) AI?

It does, as the controversial departure of Sam brought to the fore a mysterious project called Q-star. Although there is not enough evidence to vindicate whether the secret project at OpenAI was really in the making under the supervision of Sam, the speculation was so intensified that experts suspected that there was something (of a dangerous breakthrough) in play.

In fact, the board members were informed by certain employees concerning a very powerful AI in the making. They feared that it could pose a serious threat to humanity. What followed later was the promptitude of the board members in dealing with the matter, resulting in the abrupt dismissal of Altman.

Some people at OpenAI believe that Q* would pave the path for the creation of the company’s coveted goal of achieving artificial general intelligence, an autonomous system that can excel humans in technically most economically valuable tasks.

What is Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)? Is it even real?

Hypothetically speaking, AGI or artificial general intelligence is a strong AI to perform any intellectual task that humans can perform. It is not clear when the AGI will be out in the market. Or whether the hypothetical intelligent agent (IA) will ever materialize years down the line.


So far, the mystery surrounding Q-star AI remains shrouded. Nobody knows the timeline of its emergence in near future. The tech world is just rife with speculations. Let’s see when it comes to reality and how it responsibly serves the world. Meanwhile, I hope that the technology may prove a significant help to humanity, as opposed to the threat it is speculated to pose.

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