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This Tip Can Accentuate the Compelling Aspect of Your Writing

I always believe that writing can be made a compelling read if the writer quits on beating around the bush.

True that most talented writers inherit the creative compass to externalize their thoughts through writing. However, in a mad rush to meet the deadline or anything that seems to put a timeline on their creativity, they end up writing something superfluous or redundant. Tasteless trite, to say the least.

To my experiential insight as a content writer, no matter how compelling facts you have included in your writing; if the inclusion exceeds to a point of being verbose, it fails to engage the targeted traffic.

I get the feeling that most of my readers may not understand what I try to communicate here. Anyway, the point I try to make out here is that you don’t have to be obsessed with the notion that the best writing is one panning out in lengthy details.

The topic of this writing intends to make you understand that BREVITY is the soul of writing.

How come?

Well, I understand that when a lot of writers talk about writing lengthy details, they mean it comprehensive, something that search engines favor to rank up in their SERPs.

And this explains the mindset of many content writers believing that the more information they bring in to their content, the better results they will achieve, in terms of higher ranking in SERPs of search engines, better exposure of their website, improved online visibility, and so on.

The power of brevity in content writing is that….

  • It eliminates the redundant words, thus making the write-up to the point.
  • When the write-up is to the point, it improves its readability factor.
  • When the write-up has an improved readability factor, it boosts the engagement of target readers.
  • Because of the engaged readers, the write-up promotes retention factor.
  • The retention factor ensures the credibility of the web page of your website.

To make writing a compelling read involves the efficacy of information you want to include in your write-up. Besides, your knowledge about the actual readers for whom you write must be well-researched. After all, you can’t expect your writing to generate a huge volume of traffic, if it is written for FACELESS audiences.

Why Is Brevity A Compelling Aspect of Writing?

  • Makes your points point-worthy

Imagine you have written something that concludes its underlying meaning in words more than necessary.

What do you think the consequence of such written stuff would be?

For starters, most readers will find it bloated narratives. Secondly, it may likely drive away from the readers due to being pointless. Thirdly, it will augment the bounce rates of your web page (followed by those two upshots earlier).

Therefore, the need to make your writing brief becomes more important when you want to make sure that what you write is understandable for your readers without having them wade through information loads.

What brevity does to your writing is that it makes the whole content relevantly compendious.

  • Improves readability factor

One of the most effective benefits of brevity is that it improves the beauty of your content from a reading perspective. Short sentences paired with relevant grammatical syntax and relevant details make your content overall a worth consuming material.

Therefore, when your content is fashioned in such a way, readers find it easy to read it through.

  • Boosts engagement factor

When a lot of readers glue to your content, it may signal a lot of cues, such as –

  • Your content is great and quality.
  • You wrote it an interesting way.
  • You made your stuff educative.
  • You kept every detail to the point. no redundance.
  • Your content enraptures the attention of readers due to being engaging.

I wholeheartedly believe that brevity is one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to improving the content engagement factor. I have seen content loaded with chockful details. Such pieces of information, more often than not, suffocate the reader’s interest to continue reading further. Under such circumstances, most of them just skim through the details by reading highlighted points.

Therefore, keep your content details brief. Readers would love them.

  • Improves website’s credibility

The credibly of any website is improved greatly, when –

  • Its content is of top-notch quality.
  • It answers your questions with satisfaction.
  • It doesn’t have bloated content.
  • It is optimized well, SEO and content per se.
  • It is human-pleasing, not search engines.

While numerous factors collectively improve a website’s credibility, the quality of content almost trumps all of them. A website graphically beautified is still a dud platform in absence of great content. And most importantly, content communicating your business messages in a lucid manner enraptures readers.


Brevity is one of the most effective techniques you can incorporate in your writing to make it engaging for your readers. It doesn’t mean leaving the essential elements of your details to make your content concise. It means writing a compendious detail communicating its underlying thoughts effectively to the target readers/audiences.

Never underestimate the power of brevity, for it is soul of any content writing.

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