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Brief Content Writing Tips for Novice Writers

A lot has been said by so many sources all over the internet about content writing tips to improve your skill in writing. However, it would be interesting to know how many people have really learned the technique of writing well and how many have got the benefit out of reading tips about how to improve content writing skill.

This post is covering certain steps to encourage you how to begin writing content that will serve your purpose, such as –

  • Improve your writing skill.
  • Boost your website traffic.
  • Enable you express your ideas creatively.
  • Write without negative thought in mind.
  • Write with confidence.

Tips and Techniques To Improve Your Content Writing Skill

Do Mental Preparation

Thoughts run in our mind in fleeting seconds. There is no guarantee that the thought which has just come to your mind will stay there forever. Considering our mind is storehouse of train of innumerable thoughts, it therefore makes sense to make a note of your thoughts lest you should forget them for good. Mental preparation is all about brainstorming or mining ideas from mind so that you get enough piece or materials by which you can write something creatively genius.

Check your language skill

Do you want to write in English or in Hindi? What is your favorite language of writing? This is a very serious consideration and unfortunately is often overlooked by newbie writers. Those people who are not natural or native English speaking often stumble upon problems in constructing sentences that make sense and deliver values. Why? Poor language skill is one of the factors which quell the creativity of content writers, preventing it from being expressed naturally. This piece of advice may sound but if your command on the language you tend to use in writing is not up to the mark or distinct, you should either improve it or choose another profession.

Start with knowledge first

The idea to suggest this advice is to help you get aware of importance of knowledge in writing. To say otherwise, unless you are familiar with the particular topic you wish to write about, there is fat chance you will be confident enough to write it. Even though you falsely convince yourself that you are going to write the piece anyhow, the result of it will be, you know – something like nefarious. In other words, you will end up writing trash or trite piece of content. First gather info about your topic from trusted sources of the Internet.

Know who you write for

Do not waste your time in pleasing everyone with your writing. Everyone is not reader. Your topic about poverty of India will not be liked by people looking for information about new cutting edge technology in the world. Hence, put your readers or audiences on priority and write for them. To write for audiences you have no idea of is wasting your time that could otherwise be utilized in some rather more important priority.

Do not bloat your say

Bloated content is also called verbose writing in which you use a lot of words or sentences not necessary and relevant. I get that sometimes writers get carried away while writing and so end up writing a very lengthy piece. It is fine to write lengthy post, but it is NOT okay to make it sound like a useless stuff. And this happens when your post includes less substance and more superficiality of the information. In simple words – content of 200 words is NOT GOOD if you can write it more convincingly in just 100 words!

Brevity has its own beauty when it comes to writing.

Avoid reading too much tips on writing

When I started to write for a commercial purpose, I never read tips or suggestions on writing. I just started doing it. Action speaks louder than the words. Therefore, allow yourself to be more action-driven writer.

Don’t be like those people who tend to read a lot of things on writing before starting to write their own masterpiece. The adverse side-effect of reading too much tips on writing is very soon your mind gets screwed up; it refuses to be YOURSELF, you become ambivalent, and who knows you quit on writing, thinking it is too frustrating a chore!

Basic knowledge of SEO

Don’t get confused. I understand writing and SEO are two different things. But SEO can help you how to write on topics currently in trends. Therefore, chances for Google to index your content faster improve.

Moreover, you know how to mine useful keywords for your content, their relevant placement in your content body, and sharing your blog on top-trending social media platforms, in order to drive massive traffic on your website, as well as establishing your position as a credible web author. Doing SEO content writing has its own advantages.

Proofread your content

Every time you sit at a dinner table, do you eat foods with eyes closed? When you walk on the road, do you cross it over to other side blindfolded?

The reason to ask these questions is you understand the etiquette behind compliance of basic rules of life. Therefore, you pay attention to your situations around. You can’t risk being in harm’s way due to carelessness. Proofreading is just like that.

It is an etiquette enabling you how to discipline your craft with standard accuracy. I am not telling you to become 101% PERFECT, grammar per se. At least ensure that your written stuff doesn’t sound like a grammatically awkward piece. Prune unnecessary phrases, words, shorten sentences if need be, fix grammatical loopholes like problems in Subject-Verb-Agreement, and so on.

Proofread means giving a final touch to your craft confirming it is now time to hit “Publish” button.

Other important writing tips (new and rephrased):

  • Do not beat around the bush.
  • Know that you may stand corrected. Things you believe in are right may be proven wrong.
  • Avoid sounding off “I know better than you” attitude.
  • Respond to comments of your reader/s. It is another good etiquette to earn their trust.
  • Bring as much substance to your writing as possible. Quality earns you spotlight.
  • Not everyone is your reader. Hence, write for people related to your topic.
  • Do not get carried away if someone takes a dig on your write-up, calling it trite. Everything you find on the internet today is trite somehow. Information is recycled these days. There’s nothing UNIQUE, if I tell you honestly. So, let people have their views. Your responsibility? Ensure what you write is value-oriented, even though it is somehow cliché.
  • Don’t write words like “Hell” “Fuck” or similar offensive expletives.
  • Don’t impose yourself on readers. Being yourself is one thing, being dominating quite another.  Be humble.
  • Nobody is 101% PERFECT in grammar. So, don’t torture your mind if someone spots certain grammatical mistakes in your manuscript. Even they may stand corrected. Thumb of rule, as I have said, proofread carefully and edit those parts of your writing which seem unrelated.
  • Understand that you can’t please everyone!
  • Always arm yourself with ideas, wherever you find them. Well, they’re everywhere if you mind the attention.
  • Improve your vocabulary. Words are like arrows in your quiver. Never run out of them.
  • Keep yourself abreast with latest knowledge in the field of technology, finance or your preferred genre.


Never assume writing to be an easy chore. Well, it is not difficult one either. What it requires is your commitment, integrity and discipline toward it. Finally one of the most important content writing tips is NEVER COMPARE yourself with other writers. You may take some inspiration from your fellow writers, but just be YOURSELF. Writing is all about confession of your characteristic. Make sure when you write, it sounds inspiring and meaningful to others.

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