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Why Does Email Marketing Still Matter?

With pervasive dominance of social media in virtually all aspects of our life today, as well as its ubiquitous presence in every business worldwide, it sort of makes sense that perhaps most people may not opt for email marketing, believing – “what’s the use of it with social media serving the same purpose?”

However, this notion does not accentuate the true reality of email marketing, which is to say – it is still one of the most effective tools to drive in traffic counts on your website and conversion for profitable growth of your business.

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As estimated, nearly 2.5 billion people use email globally, and out of nearly 196 billion emails sent out, close to 55% of them are used for brands to establish business communication with their existing clients/prospects.

What does that mean?

Well, it signifies that the significance of email marketing is undeniable, given how successful business communication through the medium cements the engagement with the clients and prospects for businesses from across the globe.

Acquire and Retain clients/prospects using email marketing

The success of any marketing hinges on two pivots –

  • How you acquire customers.
  • How you retain them.

Brands worldwide use different digital marketing tactics to actualize both the purposes (acquisition and retention of customers), and email marketing certainly plummets all other methods to the bottom of food chains, because it is analyzed to be a powerful catalyst in driving nearly 80-81% results in terms of acquisition and retention for any business.

What mandates these results rests solely on the factor that email marketing must be done smartly, using all professional helps you can possibly fetch. Does that mean organic search results in no success for brands? Of course, it results in success for brands, with 60% acquisition and over 40% retention.

However, what differentiates this tactic from all other digital marketing methods is its ability to personalize communication that customers and prospects often resonate with their respective business interest. It is like speaking to them directly what you can do for their business interest with resources within your capacity.

Email marketing serves communicating your business messages

If done strategically well, email marketing can be the best medium to channelize your business messages to your clients/prospects, helping them get incentivized by your tantalizing offers and other business deals, and if after-service has been good, guess what – you will be able to cultivate a long-standing engagement with your clients, a positive upshot spelling success of your business in the competitive digital market.

What needs to be taken into account here is not to sound intrusive to your prospects with your email marketing tactic, if overdone. A message personalized to their business interest and sent out within permissible quantity can surely garner positive response from them. Remember not to make them feel you’re invading their personal space.


Being a cost-effectively viable marketing method for increasing leads and relationship with the clients, email marketing benefits as the most effective tactic to results in self-perpetuating success for your brand. This explains as to why this marketing tool still retains its viability for companies from across the globe.

Caution to be exercised is to know the difference between where you mean business and where you sound intrusive to your prospects.

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