Wira Malaysian action movie

WIRA – A Malaysian Thunderbolt

A breathtaking action choreography is what permits worldwide recognition for Malaysian movies. In other words, realistic depiction of brutal cinematic fighting is the most unmistakable trait of Malaysian action films. Most of them bear a realistic semblance so galvanizing in their respective cinematic narrative, that they appear formidable enough to give you a spine-chilling thrill.

Examples are, The Raid Redemption, The Raid 2, The Night Comes For All, and Headshot.

These movies accentuate the brilliance of cinematic gore.

Their top-notch actions are galvanizing factors for audiences, particularly action-movie-lovers. Unlike wire-fu actions and unrealistic in-air flights typical in Chinese action movies, these Malaysian movies, on the other hand, give altogether a different cinematic delight, promising realistic depiction of actions involving each cast engaged in brutal martial combat using deadly weapons.


Wira is a wonderful addition to the list of all those highly action-packed Malaysian movies that you find utterly admirable based on their individual cinematic portrayal of violence, and most importantly, the seriousness of each character carrying out mayhem using customary weapon like Silat, machete, knife, and other murdering weapons.


The lead protagonist, Hassan (Hairul Azreen) returns to his family life after concluding his military service, quite oblivious to the fact that the circumstances would subjugate him to a darkened underworld ruled by Vee and Rayyan, and that he would be forced to fight his way to his family prestige, an honor at a grave risk of being lost.


I didn’t find the storyline very gripping, if I am to compare the same with The Raid. But it would be foolhardy of me to compare the story of this movie with its other counterparts, considering if you don’t involve much into the concept of storyline, the rest aspects of the movie, particularly its action choreography will simply blow your mind into a roller coaster thrill of unbelievable fervor.


As outlined before, this is the most scintillating part of the movie that every martial art movie fan would most definitely love to watch. Whether it is the scene involving Hassan and his sister Zain trapped in a running bus with passengers who are actually villains of the gang leader whom they thrashed at his own den, or

Wrapping It Up

Watch WIRA for cinematic thrill, for visceral delight given in its fantastic and well-choreographed actions. Amazing stunts and breathless fighting surely offer an engaging cinematic delight to the audiences. The movie would surely depress the audiences looking for great storyline, as I have outlined earlier, that the movie lacks an engaging storyline. However, that’s been compensated with its great action choreography.

To sum it up, the storyline of Wira Malaysian action movie may not seem gripping, but the team has surely put a considerable effort into its action choreography, making it cinematically brutal and engaging. The fight between Azreen and Ruhian in the climax is an exciting reminder of what you may have watched between Iko Uwais and Ruhian in The Raid Redemption or The Raid 2 (between Iko and Arif Rehman).

Additional Info:


  • Hairul Azreen (Hassan)
  • Fify Azmi as Zain
  • Ismi Melinda as Vee
  • Dato’ Hilal Azman as Munas
  • Dain Said as Raja
  • Yayan Ruhian as Ifrit
  • Henley Hii as Boon Hua
  • Josiah Hogan as Rayyan

Release Date

21 November 2019, in Malaysia.

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