optimistic survival with positive thoughts

The Need For Optimistic Survival In Tough Times

optimistic survival with positive thoughts

Optimistic survival (when you’re having tough times) is the result of positive thoughts we cultivate, for as long as they get ingrained in our behavior.

This (optimistic survival) becomes an even more important tool to battle against the oddity of circumstances we have at present, in the form of Corona pandemic.

It seems that COVID-19 has taken a firm grip on our lives. The intractable spread of viral infection and death toll it’s been unleashing has caused pretty much depressive confinement to a hopeless living for people.

Those exercising home-stay as a precautionary measure to combat the spread of virus seem to lose confidence, as to whether the ongoing plight would ever come to an end. Lockdown and subsequent crippling conditions it has caused to people in their day to day life tend to add fuel to fire in their already petrified lives.

Yes, situation is petrifying.

The lives of people and animals, as well as the economic condition of every nation, hang in the balance. Apparently, survival, under such circumstances seems bleak, less encouraging, and more hopeless.

However, threats itself won’t survive in your mind for longer, if you just divert your attention from fear thoughts (of doomsday) to (even hypothetically) optimistic survival using positive thoughts.

I tend to believe that the very thought of optimism can be cultivated if we just remain fixated on its incubation to actualization. The point is, the positive thoughts have the magnitude of power that can flicker a ray of hope in the darkness of our cognitive realm, which often seems a never-ceasing flow of energy, when we are overpowered by its enormity of evilness.

However, if you think deeply, such darkness is nothing but a projection of our difficulty. Something we conjure up in mind by confining our thinking to sheer hopelessness.

To say otherwise, the importance of such despondence/difficulty exudes its superiority, when we drum that very thought (negativity) into our subconscious faculty of mind – a cognitive realm known for its fecundity of materializing any thought, good/bad).

Therefore, whatever happens in your life is just the product of the thought you bred subconsciously.

Thoughts Make All Difference In Our Lives

A story of Pandora Box reveals that when all six evils were released from the box, the one called HOPE remained there. From that day onward, as historically believed, humanity was given one powerful weapon called HOPE, with which he can battle against the oddity of his life, regardless of the inherent power of the crisis.

Hope, accompanied by unflinching positive thoughts and faith (optimism) is the most dependable and surefire weapon you can use to stand a chance to survive when living gets tough. You can cultivate optimistic survival with ever-powerful energy of hope.

Our thoughts condition the life we seek to experience in the future.

A survey done in an American hospital said that 90% of the hospitalized patients were dying due to nervous breakdown than any other diseases. People get killed, not because of diabetes, H1N1, and other types of malignant diseases.

They rather die by their own negative thoughts, like “I can’t get to see another light of the day!” “I am doomed.”

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When you nurture negative thoughts for long, there comes a time when you get to see their realistic manifestation in your life. So, the kind of annoying or horrific situation you go through in your life is the result of the quality of thought you subconsciously fed.

A quirk in human propensity is succumbing to pressure. And this happens when we give up on thinking positively.

Positive thinking gives us the vital energy of assessing if a particular situation is worth being worried over or ignored completely.

Our mind is the slave to our thoughts. And the mind is the king of the entire body’s functionality. When we corrupt our mind with meaningless thoughts, then we program ourselves into a specific behavioral pattern. Whether we dance with joy in though situation or cry over its toughness is caused by that programmed behavior.

This is a gradual process, so slow, we hardly notice its development, in the first place.

Therefore, in tough times, it’s our optimistic thinking that gives us a fighting chance to survive. When Darwin coined the term ‘survival of the fittest’ he barely meant to say to give up on positive thinking.

We know that we can’t succeed in a situation if we get preconceived of its toughness. And such precognition is the result of our thinking in that pattern. To speak simply, we are what our thoughts shape us.

Developing Positive Thoughts For Optimistic Survival:

  • Try to think that every situation, good or bad, has its certain lifespan. Like weather coming after another, the tough situation too can be replaced with a good one.
  • Never ever leave the practice of cultivating positive thoughts in your mind. Try to feed your mind with positive and inspirational quotes every day. Make it a habit. This is necessary because our mind acts on thoughts. If you feed it with good ones, it would act in a good way.
  • Listen to motivational speech or watch movies to have an inspiring sense of optimism. The power of watching such stuff is that it creates quite a galvanizing effect on your mind, prompting you to act in a positive way.
  • It may sound an unwelcoming suggestion to agnostic, but I personally believe that cultivating attachment with divinity helps you earn optimism. Don’t beg for immortality or eternal happiness. Just ask for His help to let you become immune to negativity by inspiring you to understand what’s what.
  • Meditation or other types of mental exercises, including yoga, can certainly help you become positive-minded.
  • Train your mind not to buy news/stuff that is highly sensational, to the point of turning you negative. These days, fake news about COVID-19 and viral infection do more damage to the cognitive health of people than the virus itself. Don’t subscribe to unverified innuendo.

Wrapping it up

It is quite typical of most of us to get frustrated or worried over the toughness of life. And this experience supervenes out of our negative picturization of the situation in hand. And such negative picturization happens when we have a negatively-charged mind.

Therefore, optimism in a time of tough living can only be cultivated to its full potential when you practice mental exercise of receiving positive thoughts. If done carefully for long, you will be able to battle against any odds, irrespective of their inherent power of troubling you.

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